About Us


We are a small firm (maybe just like yours), born in Des Moines and focused on the Midwest.  Our goal is to connect with you and more broadly on an emotional level with your customers or clients.

We are all connected.

Originally founded as Technically Astute, Emotion First has organically grown to include over a dozen clients across the mid-west and lately throughout the US.  Our focus is branding and issue advocacy and occasionally a political campaign.

We also build websites.  We do a remarkable job with website conceptualization and realization.  We strive to use off the shelf open source technologies (even though we’re very good at custom solutions), secure and proven technology.

We will make a huge impact on your clients, your customers or your constituents. No matter how large or how small we’ve likely done it before.

We are people focused and results oriented.  Issue advocacy is something we will not turn down.  We have associations with some of the best and brightest experts in Iowa and the Midwest and we sure would like to work with you.